So, what is SpotTrack?
SpotTrack Cue Display

It’s a follow-spot cue sheet. Like we’ve all made in Excel. But better...
SpotTrack Cue Closeup

Like all those old cue sheets, you can:

- enter cue details for each spot: level, colour, size, time, description
- print cue sheets for one, some or all spots

Unlike those old cue sheets, with SpotTrack, you can:

Cue Jump
- switch instantly between looking at one spot or a combination of spots on-screen
- work inverted if it’s a dark stage
- highlight scene breaks or songs, to make it easy to follow what’s going on
- add script page numbers and notes only the spot caller can see
- jump straight to specific cues or scenes
- get level-change arrows generated, automatically
- print cue sheets that are compact, just printing each spot’s cues
- (unless you’re in tech and want them all to have the same pagination!)
- have print-outs highlight cues that are new or have been changed, just as a reminder

Plus SpotTrack can save you typing:

SpotTrack Shortcut Buttons
- one-click shortcuts you define for characters, sizes, actions
- one-click buttons for levels

And SpotTrack can store more information than just cues:

SpotTrack Spot Setup
- show details - name, venue, lighting team, logo
- character names
- actor names
- understudy names
- cast pictures - print a cheat sheet for spot ops you meet on tour
- commonly used abbreviations - a glossary for your operators
- spot type, colours loaded, and the operators’ names!

In can help you during rehearsals:

SpotTrack Cue Notes
- take notes, by spot, by cue, for you
- edit and print those notes
- swap cues between spots for sequences or the whole show

And it can work with other tools, to help you work more efficiently:

SpotTrack Imported Cuelist
- Import the show cue list from FocusTrack (so from Eos/Ion, grandMA1/2 or Strand 500)
- So now you have it, right there!

Plus it can print beautiful cue sheets:

Master Cue List
- Print individual spot cue sheets
- Print master spot calling sheets
- Print character contact sheets, glossaries and more

SpotTrack gathers all of the information you need. Together. In one place. Then lets you search through it, make changes to it, update it, print it and distribute it to your spot team quickly, efficiently, painlessly.

If you call spots, it could be the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Get the information sheet.

Or why not download it and try it for yourself?

(Best of all, use it and you’ll be supporting some fine backstage charities!)