SpotTrack Revision History

1.51/22nd November 2018: Addresses issue importing SpotTrack 1.50 files into SpotTrack 1.50 or later. Tooltip updates. Can now use fractions as levels in SpotTrack (ie. 3/4, 1/2, 1/3) with level change arrows showing correctly. You can use this interchangeably with percentage levels. Shift-pressing the percentage buttons will give fractional levels instead (so 50% will give 1/2). New red arrow for lights going OUT (to distinguish from green for lights just going DOWN in level).

1.50/8th October 2018: Adds support for Backup - The Technical Entertainment Charity, replacing Light Relief (since Light Relief is being incorporated into Backup). Moves to new (.spt) file format. Updates SpotTrack engine for improved compatibility with Mac OSX Mojave. NOTE: You will have to update old SpotTrack files to the new file format before importing them into this version; an update button is provided below the import old button. Speed improvements relating to up/down arrows and tracking lines. Adds ability to drag and drop images into image fields. Manual updated.

1.47/13th April 2017:
Mac download is now a signed .dmg file so will run properly on macOS Sierra.

1.47/27th April 2016:
Level tracking lines working properly again.

1.46/20th April 2016:
Performance improvements, particularly fixing issues caused by the spot level tracking lines. Support for Behind The Scenes US, Behind The Scenes UK and Light Relief as supported charities. A3 Caller Sheet shows more of spot position.

1.44/12th August 2014:
Printing spot 2 with notes space enabled prints the spot cue numbers correctly.

1.43/6th September 2013:
Swap spot buttons no longer give a warning about swapping all cues since you get to specify cue range. Fixed a wierd printing issue with spot 3 on PCs. More space for notes in printed character sheets.

1.41/29th August 2013:
Tracking lines off option working properly. Tracking lines update immediately. ‘Out’ level as the first level in a show no longer shows up arrow.

1.40/27th August 2013:
New option to show ‘tracking lines’ on cuesheets, which shows a vertical bar through any cue where a spot is on (useful in multi-spot cuesheets where one spot is on through a lot of other spot cues); this can be turned off from the main menu. Main menu layout re-arranged to accommodate this option. New option to transfer a SpotTrack file from one production of a show to another, eg. when taking a show on tour (requires a special transfer registration code, available from SpotTrack).

1.39/28th March 2013:
New ‘Export Data’ option under File on the Main Menu screen, in case you need to get data out of SpotTrack. Fixes nasty screen re-draw on PCs when changing a level in a cue.

1.38/28th September 2012:
Fixed that spot 3 printouts were showing ‘spot 2’ in the header of the spot cue sheet.

1.37/22nd August 2012:
Understudy names now appear in the Big Cast Pics print-out.

1.36/1st August 2012:
Can now customise spot order/rename spots, and adapt spot keyboard shortcuts (1-4 keys) to suit different spot layouts; controls under About SpotTrack. Manual updated.

1.35/11th July 2012:
Spot levels bigger in A4 master calling sheets. New US Legal 4-spot master calling sheet. Spot 1 printouts will correctly show text in cue number fields. Misc formatting issues in data sheets fixed. Fixed a problem where level change arrows were sometimes not printing properly though shown correctly on-screen. FL/OUT only option now per spot only.

1.32/12th March 2012:
Spot 2 adds ‘%’ correctly to levels. New option to print level, colour and time in black rather than coloured text for when cue sheets are to be read under low light conditions. Cue sheet doesn’t jump around when adding spot or caller notes. Jumping to a scene puts the first cue of the scene towards the top of the page rather than at the bottom.

1.31/3rd March 2012:
Spot 3 prints correctly. Spot 4 on-screen editing shows cues correctly. LX cue numbers containing text (’fly q1’) print the text correctly.

1.30/21st February 2012:
Song breaks show up properly in print-outs even if they don’t have a cue number. Notepad should appear correctly again. Can set to print fade in/outs only per spot as well as for all spots. Warning on printed cuesheets when only showing fade in/outs.

1.29/18th February 2012:
Removes stray settings box on spot 1 printout.

1.28/16th February 2012:
New Clear Formatting button, to remove formatting applied to any text field and return it to SpotTrack’s default formatting. New option to only print FL or OUT (rather than accurate levels) in spot cue sheets. This is intended for situations where the spot level is controlled from the console and the spot op is just moving a fader from 0 to FL to control their fade in/outs. Fade ups from zero are always shown as going to FL. Intermediate level changes not shown. Normal levels are shown on-screen and in calling cue sheets. You can find this option under ‘About SpotTrack’ then scroll right down to the ‘functions under test’ section. Comments welcome!

1.25/22nd April 2011:
Adding a cue between two cues with .x spot cue numbers gives the new cue the correct spot cue number. Importing from an earlier SpotTrack version works properly again. New option to leave the spot cue number untouched if you add an lx cue number to a cue that already has a spot cue number (this is useful if you’ve made a cuesheet using spot cue numbers before knowing the corresponding lighting cue numbers and you’re adding the lx cues during tech). New option to print individual spot cue sheets with a blank line after each cue so the spot ops have somewhere to add their own notes during tech. Now correctly starts up in the inverted main menu if the inverted option is set.

1.20/16th July 2010:
Revises Big Character Photo printouts to not clip the right-hand side of the page, and also to fit more characters onto the page when printing on US Letter paper.

1.19/9th June 2010:
Level change arrows now update immediately on screen when a change to one cue impacts later cues. Spot 2 level change up arrows display correctly in all cases. Swap spot buttons can now swap a specified cue range rather than all cues if required.

1.18/22nd March 2010:
New ‘order’ field for cast list, allowing you to order cast lists as you prefer. Highlight changes since... working properly again; changes to page numbers, scene breaks or page breaks will not trigger highlights. Associate LD name appears on title page of more printed cuesheets.

1.17/14th March 2010:
New copy cue information from spot to spot function (’>’ between spot titles). Improvements to printed master calling sheet. Third checkbox in each to indicate that that cue should start on a new page in printouts.

1.16/28th Feb 2010:
Long description in size shortcut printout fixed. Spot 2 printed cuesheet header fixed.

1.15/24th Feb 2010:
New ‘fat font’ button for those who prefer their fonts a little... wider. Addressed issued with spot 2 printing on US legal paper. Compact character sheets now show character notes.

1.14/24th Feb 2010:
Makes bold and space work with all the action buttons, not just the first one.

1.12/22nd Feb 2010:
New US-Legal print size. New ability to add page numbers to cues, and decide whether to see page numbers or not (switch covers on-screen and also caller printed cuesheets). Go to cue arrow will now also let you go to a page number. New bold buttons for intensity and actions. Tidying to formatting on printout cover sheets. Copy cue text keyboard shortcut changed.

1.11/20th Feb 2010:
Fixes issues with several of the ‘description’ shortcut buttons. Adds new ‘caller notes’ field in spot editing sheets; these are private notes that never print. Cue list scene break/auto scene break buttons now working properly. New button to pull cue text (and scene break) from cue list for matching cue numbers. New button to print set-up sheets for each spot. Character buttons add a space after the character name ready for more text. Can now add detailed descriptions to spot size abbreviations.

1.10/4th Feb 2010:
Fixes an issue with printing spot 2 that had appeared in 1.09.

1.09/31st Jan 2010:
Adds a new A5 printing option for ‘cuecard’ style individual spot cuesheets. Tidies up the printing of the show name and other header information.

1.08/10th Jan 2010:
Tidies up the display a little when cue editing (row background preserved).

1.07/27th Dec 2009:
Cue time fields available for each spot, along with buttons for setting time quickly. Spot col/size/level print in colour on calling sheets.

1.06/25th Nov 2009:
Clearing a show also clears the small show logo! New ‘Char Bold’ button meaning character shortcut buttons put the name in bold. New buttons to copy spot setups between spots and clear spot setups. Char shortcut menu fixed. Import Data option available, allowing cue sheets to be imported from Excel or other sources.

1.05/24th Nov 2009:
Don’t have to re-select the entry field every time you add a something to a list; 4 spot button doesn’t appear in 3 spot layout if less than 4 active spots.

1.04/23rd Nov 2009:
New option for importing complete show from old SpotTrack, for moving a show into a newer version of SpotTrack.

1.03/22nd Nov 2009:
Addresses an issue with printing Master Calling Sheets on PCs.

1.02/18th Nov 2009:
Registration Code field on second entry attempt fixed.

1.01/8th Oct 2009:
Entry order for entering registration corrected.

1.00/5th Oct 2009:
First release version, 5th October 2009.