Purchase SpotTrack
Wide Cue Sheet Cover

SpotTrack is sold for use on one show. Think of it as a consumable, like colour or a light bulb.

Why do we do this? Because by purchasing SpotTrack, you are supporting one of the fine backstage charities. We’d prefer it if you kept on supporting them every time you do a show. Hopefully in the long-run this will earn them more than if SpotTrack was more expensive and you only bought it once!

SpotTrack: UKú45

You can download SpotTrack and its User Guide from the Download page, or download an information sheet here..

Want to try before you buy? SpotTrack will run in Demo mode indefinitely: enter ‘Demo’ as the user name.

Note that the demo version will only work with two spots, it won’t print, and it’ll annoy you by quitting every thirty minutes, but otherwise it works just like the full version! It should give you enough to let you decide if SpotTrack will be of use to you.