SpotTrack: Supporting Good Causes

Sales of SpotTrack help support two entertainment industry charities - Behind The Scenes in North America, and Light Relief in the UK.

You can choose which you want your SpotTrack to support each time you buy a copy. 15% of the sale price - £6.75 - goes to help the fantastic work these organisations do. It's only a little, but every little helps...

Of course, charities can always do with more help; please read their websites to see if there are other ways you can get involved.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured. Individuals and organisations contribute money to the program, and Behind the Scenes provides grants for emergency situations. With this initiative, our industry can make sure our colleagues are cared for when tragedy strikes.

Many people in the entertainment technology industry lack health insurance and other financial support systems that are common for professionals in other fields. Behind the Scenes helps industry members through crises, such as serious illness, injury or death by fitting each grant to the recipient's needs. Funds can be used for medical care and living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, transportation and child care.

Since May of 2006, Behind the Scenes has been providing grants to industry professionals or their surviving family members to assist in a variety of ways including: short term living expenses such as food, housing and utilities; and assistance with medical bills, health insurance, physical therapy, and medications.

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Light Relief

Light Relief is a charity established by and for the entertainment lighting industry, to help in times of extreme hardship. Formed specifically to help theatre lighting designers and those working in the field who are not in regular full time employment, Light Relief can provide either practical support or financial help, depending on the individual need.

With Richard Pilbrow as Honorary Chairman, Light Relief has a board of seven trustees, all of whom work in the entertainment lighting industry.

Most lighting designers and technicians are freelance and earn their living through talent and hard, demanding, physical work during anti-social hours. Like most freelance people, they do not earn money unless they are working, so sickness, physical injuries or domestic crises can lead to dramatic falls of income. This, in turn, affects not just them but also their families.

Light Relief helps people by providing practical support or financial help - occasionally both - and most of the people that we help are lighting designers or technicians, or members of the Association of Lighting Designers. If you know someone who needs help, or if you need help for yourself or your family, assistance may be as near as the click of your mouse.

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